Dear Bestfriend


It is a word that is easily tossed around in society.

As if its value is worth a penny

Love has the power to bring bliss or turn into your worst nightmare


I watched my best friend fall in love

She told me she knew that “she was the one”

I was happy for her, but soon things took a turn.


Someone who used to treat you like you were her world,

Suddenly took over your world

You began to cry more than smile

I knew the drill

“What did she do to you this time?”

She would constantly call during school

You knew you should leave her, deep down in your broken heart

But you told me you love her and she loves you

Oh honey… that is not love

Your beatiful, hazel eyes were swollen and red until your eyes became dry.


She made you bleed. She hit you, but it wasn’t your fault.

It was not enough reason for you to leave her.

You felt like a fool

“It’s my fault. I forgive her. She loves me”

This is not love.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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