Dear Best Friends


Letter Poem- Dear Best Friends


Hey! How have you guys been?

I’m sorry we all couldn’t keep in touch.

I saw your photos on social media, you look happy, but why do all of you look thin?

Eat your meals properly; I can’t be there anymore to tell you all to look after yourselves and things of that such.


It’s only been a year, a year since we all last spoken.

Only a year since we laughed and cried at the same time, as we said our farewells and wished each other luck on our road to our new lives.

If I recall it correctly, it was June 18th, the day where we all were still together, not broken.

I know it’s only natural to go our own ways, but the pain of our memories fading away, hurts like sharp knives.


We’ve all been together for almost eight or more so years.

The best thing about school was seeing each other in the morning and starting our mornings off with a smile or a funny joke.

I miss laughing so hard until my stomach cramps and my eyes are filled with tears.

It’s sad to look back and see how our group of friends broke.


I must be exaggerating, but for me, you guys played a huge part in my life and made me the person I am today.

The wounds will obviously heal in no time, and I can’t wait to look back at our fun times and smile.

Thank you for being there for me, let’s meet each other again, maybe halfway.

But for now, I think this letter was worthwhile.


The day where we all said goodbye to each other, everyone cried, expect me.

I wasn’t sad, because it didn’t click for me, I didn’t understand what a goodbye was and how hard it was going to be.

You all completed me, I was the lock, and you all were combined into a key.

I want to end this letter on a happy note; I wanted this letter to be filled with glee.


The bottom line is, I miss you all.

I know it’s my fault, my fault for not caring that day.

I’m sorry, and I hope one of you will call.

I want to hear all about how you all are, contact me, and let’s chat away.

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