Dear Best Friend

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 07:49 -- Deja22

Dear Best Friend,

The small smile that appeared on your face when someone acknowledged you or your loud laughter at the simplest joke... It was gone. You are gone.

Looking at you as you lie in your casket was too easy. Why couldn’t I cry? Why couldn’t I take my eyes away? Maybe it’s that I wanted or maybe I needed to see your hazel eyes stare into mine again. I needed you to sit up and flash your imperfect smile so that I could know we were meant to grow up together.

The closing of your casket broke me. Not seeing you anymore interrupted the clean face I once possessed and the silence I had once given. I sobbed and sobbed as if the news was being broken to me all over again.

It’s over and everyone is leaving as if they’ve already forgotten. You’re really gone and I can’t see you anymore. You’re caramel skin, black hair, and pimpled face is now missing from my sight and I can’t handle it. I know why you’re gone. I know how and why it happened but for some reason, reality didn’t settle in until you disappeared from my view.

Now that it’s been a year since I last saw my best friend, I am dumbfounded. I couldn’t cry before but it’s all I seem to do now…

Dear best friend, come bother me again so I can tell you to leave me alone. Come say I’m your favorite person so that I can call you a liar. Come call me your favorite sister because I’m the only one you had... Dear best friend, come be my best friend again. 


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