dear baby

as i drill them cheeks

pumping to the beat

of every moan you shreak

and i send a fleet

of little me's


while i tinkle ya toes

i stick my thumb up ya booty hole

a little lick and stick

why do i even need a my dick

i can barely stick it in with my 2 inch shrimp

but a pimps gotta be a pimp 

so i drill it in on the leaves of sum hobos home

slam ya chrome dome into a branch tryna be sexy and shit

flip you around and eat that pussy like im tryna scratch my way out a pit


but oh baby oh baby

you know how i like it

its the year of the dog

time to bend you over have that dick so deep you squinting like you looking thru fog

when i go down on you

you gon be confused

thinking "why this bitch licking my pubes"

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