Dear Autism Speaks

Tue, 04/14/2015 - 22:15 -- Lindsy

Dear Autism Speakes,

          Do you realize how little you help?

          Do you realize the pain you cause?              

          Do you really think electric shock therapy is ok to use on children?

         You show a video of a mother who wanted to throw herself and her autistic child off a cliff but didnt because of  her normal child and she said it in front of her children assuming the child didnt hear because they didnt respond.

           You dont love your children for who they are.

         you want to cure the children of something that makes them who they are

         Autism isnt a disease yoou cant separate autism from a person

         your saying you wish your children werent how they are.

         its wrong

      Your symbol is a puzzle peice bbut the only puzzle here is your morals.

                          Sincerly a concerned Allistic

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