Dear Anxiety

Sat, 12/16/2017 - 21:26 -- ngs226

Dear Anxiety,

Are you the reason my life is a mess?

Or is it just me,

My imagination,

My endless misconception?

Are you the reason my dad left?

Or was it because my mom was young, 

Because she had a second one,

Or because your motorcycle made you drive alone.

Are you the reason I can't be in love?

Or is it because I'm actually crazy,

Because I can't give him what he wants,

Or is he actually with another girl.

Are you the reason someone I love tried to die?

Or is it because we aren't close,

Because I wasn't always there,

Or was he trying to leave me.

Dear Anxiety,

You're all I have left,

And just when I think you've left, 

You always show back up.

Dear Anxiety, 

You always seem to have an answer

And I always seem to listen, 

but because of you I can't tell my mind from reality.

It's all a stupid mess and you seem to be behind everything.

My pain,

My tears,

My heartbreak,

And panic.

But Dear Anxiety,

You're all I've ever known 

And I don't know who I'd be,

If I ever let you go.



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