Dear Anxiety


United States

Dear Anxiety,
I looked the devil in the eyes the day you came into my life
For you are hell taking shape in the most wicked of ways
And I, I have succumb to you for reasons I have yet to understand.
I can feel the hot breath of your sly smile as you snake around my body
Crushing my spirit
Burning my happiness
And ripping me away from the rest of the world
As if I'm nothing but a bandage that does not belong.
You are my life support
And you are the cancer that is killing me.
You feed me lies and overbearing worries.
You give me a breath that holds too much power
You make every part of my body numb
Except for my heart
My heart feels too much.
You keep me alive but you keep me from a life
You are a breeding ground for greed, lust and hate.
I look in the mirror and I don't see my face
Because you,
You have stripped me of myself only to wear me as your cape.
Yet you are the good that I would never trade.
From yours truly, Grace.

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