Dear America the Great, I Still Love Being a Latina

I am what you call a latina

Just another mexican niña

I am what you call a pansexual

Once again another ignored label


America the Great

I am what you hate

Another kid that makes you hesitate

Why don't you admit that I make you afraid?

Afraid that I’ll murder or rape your children

Or are you truly

Afraid that I’ll be better than you at ‘your’ job


I am your threat

I make you break a sweat

Is she going to take my job?

Will she go to my son's college?


I am 5 feet

You want me 6 feet under

I am 5 feet

This latina will steal your thunder


America the Great

The latinos, you hate

They're creating poems

Soon you will know them

They will put you on the spot

While they take another university slot


America the Great

Ignorance has become the new division sign


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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