Dear America

America you are so beauitful when it comes to your hills and valleys, your sunets and sunrises, your oceans and snow covered mountaintops. America you are so full of pride, passion, and hard work. America you are truely a land of oppertunity and success. America you build andn train our man to be proud and strong, our soliders and first reponders fight will all thier heart leaving everything on the battle field so that I can be safe.However, America you have broken me! My young eyes see pain, suffering, and temptation. My heart screams for change, but everytime I step foward someone is in my ear saying your not strong enough to take on the nations problems because I am a woman. America at some point in the past 7 years people have become slaves to society and have just accepted that elementary schools, churches, and movies  are getting shot up and that sucidal rate are increasing. Oh America please see that your people are hurting for change, see the families being towrn apart and the youth dieing. America you are home of the brave and land of the free, yet your people do not feel so brave and free anymore.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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