Dear America


Dear America,

I saw a little girl today with tears all on her sleeve

Her eyes were empty

hands were old

Why did you crush her dreams?

She dreamt a day when kids could play

and water would be clean

Oh, the happiest song she'd sing

Why did you crush her dreams?

In this day there was no hunger, disaster, nor disease

Never a sight of worthy men groveling on their knees

In this day her dreams could grow

and blossom before her eyes

And death was not an escape for peace because no one wished to die

As for this girl, I wish her well

From one dreamer to another

I know one day ahe'll be a gorgeous woman and very intelligent mother

It still blackens my heart to know this little girl had to see

that she has to work so hard but yet her dreams may never be


By: Alexis M.


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