Dear All That is Evil and Powerless.

You held me.

My brain screamed oxygen.

I cried the whole way home, face blushing red.

I cried in the car, driving to my mother, unsuspected of anything unusual.

I cried at school, in a cold hallway sobbing alone, body aching for freedom.

I cried until I could not cry anymore.

Silenced sweetheart, am I just like every victim?

I rationalized, but reality set in.

Your hug shook my being, all alarms set off,

I know what you did last month.

Low and behold, sitting on that chair, you sat undressing me with your eyes.

You saw the same little girl from a month ago, trapped in your grasp, until I stared back.

I was no longer the weak duckling, you should have seen the fury within me.

The security of my men, they surround me.

I hope you saw the swan I have grew into, ready to attack.

Don’t get too close, for I will bite for blood this time.

This time, I will fight back.

You couldn't get me away from the flock,

The flood has came and gone, I’m on dry land.

You couldn't get my attention,

For I found peace upon a hill.

You couldn't get me to give up my power,

The essential thread, within your line of work.

Don’t come back for revenge my dear gull,

For we are both white, but both not pure.

Scrounge for broken pieces somewhere else,

I will be building my nest upon what you have taken and destroyed.

You should have known, what you were getting into, the day you took me.

If you come back,

expect a bite,

as bad as my scream.

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Our world



Is this a molestation poem of an abuse case? Wow powerful n evocative. The last few lines were ESP creatively expressed. The molester should be in jail. Kudos.


pls do review my latest poem too, I'm quite new here but have been writing elsewhere for ages and readers say they get messages for life from my poems. So pls add your thoughts.

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