Dear Africa

Dear Africa, don't you know how strong you are?

For out of your belly has come many great names

Nelson Mandela, Funmilayo Kuti, Desmond Tutu, Kofi Annan

but that's just a few

These individuals turned the wheels of society

although they weren’t captains of the ship

These hero’s fought for justice

Until justice was served hot and ready


Dear Africa, don’t you know how rich you are? 

Your land is the land that flows with milk and honey

Victoria falls is mesmerizing to all who encounter her

The congo rainforest being a home for many precious species

Uncountable beautiful diamonds in Namibia

Even the shining gold in tanzania

You are home to many precious metals and minerals


Dear Africa, don't you know how beautiful you are? 

Carribean masquerades and junkanoo has its origins with you

You own the true masquerades

various beads; each color holds a different meaning

Zulu’s beads known as love letters

Wrapped around a ghanian beauty

Is a waist bead that represents sexuality, spirituality and even fertility

Nigerians, bow when you see an elder

Don't forget to pay the bride price

Your wife knows her worth


Dear Africa, don't you know how beloved you are?

Though many tongues

We are all still one

When Africa unites, she is unstoppable

She knows her destiny

She knows how far she has come

She knows where she is headed

One love, one unity, one nation


Dear Africa, don't you know how much I love you?

On your beautiful land was I birthed

You nurtured me 

On your land I uttered my very first word

Africa, you are exquisite


This poem is about: 
My country


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