Dear "Adequate",

Is anything truly enough to make myself contented?

My life peppered with my parent’s virtues

Taught to be like a raging fire, not to take the simple, weak word “No”


Adequate is like a useless rabbit, while power and motivation is a mighty fine elk

The elk with its lavish life living with  an exquisite, sleek coat of glory and success

The rabbit with a drab life living with a matted coat of gray hair with matted firs and grasses, lacking all success, just meeting the necessities of life until a powerful elk crushes it with its determined, hardened hooves


My body like the finest work of clay

Molded with the finest morals and ethics

“Adequate”, a silly, stupid word that sounds rather fancy and important

But, NO, good sir, it just rips you away from the comfort of your proud, treasured dreams


My Dream keeps me covered and protected from the ugliness of those who are “Adequate”

One day to pull up in a sky-blue ‘Rari with my raven-black hair singing in the wind about my successes as a strong elk


As you are young, listen to those who have worked so hard that they have given up everything for others

Those are the gracious beings who know “adequate” is just a stupid idea people use to get by

Come with me, young fawn





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