The Deaf and the Blind


United States
40° 55' 47.8704" N, 92° 4' 34.77" W

You say that I am deaf.
You tell me I'm no good,
but what you fail to see,
is that I'm not made of wood.
I have a heart and a brain, as well as two eyes,
and what I read on peoples' faces, certainly tells no lies.
Those who think I'm no discouragement-
I have met very few-
are great people in and out.
They are my friens so true.
You, however, are blind,
to think that I can't hear,
what goes on inside your mind.
It screams louder through my every tear.
You're ashamed of me so deaf,
as am I of you so blind.
"What makes you so unseeing?"
I wonder all the time.

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