Deadly Beautiful


United States
36° 9' 37.6704" N, 86° 35' 25.9332" W

Out from the mirror she stares
That beautiful girl no one cares
Singing to herself, painfully quiet
Waiting for the night to end

Back to another lonely day
Where everyone just stays away
Such a beautiful girl no one knows
Hiding herself from the world

Million pieces shatter from her heart
Never to have given love a start
A decision came one day to her
That beautiful, lonely girl

A way she can finally be free
To fly wherever she could be
It was fast, free of all sorrow
And that beautiful girl was no more

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That was amazing!!!


OMG...whoever you are this is amazing. I think that everyone has this girl/guy in their life. We need to prevent this ending from happening. Plz read my poems and give your feed back

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