Fri, 06/06/2014 - 08:12 -- shivani

Last day far away from my consciousness

I was in the deepest level of my dream

A dream I thought was never meant to be

Not meant to be in my sleep

The horrible reality of the dream I knew

Reality that the dream was about future

And horrible because I could not change the future


I could see some women roaming on the streets

Each one having the dead pale look in common

Next view was something out of my belief

I was one of them but with a difference

Difference that I was not roaming

I was still, stagnant sitting in a corner

I never looked that way in my life

Nor did I ever wish to be

Because that was not me in life but in dead


None would ever want to see oneself dead in dreams

My corpse in the corner was dead but could feel 

Feeling of the surroundings were still haunting it

So I bothered to jump in my dream and know the unsaid

Upon doing that I landed near my corpse

The unusual thing I could hear was snigger

It sounds manly, I told my corpse


I got up and interrogated the nearby ladies

None of them bothered to reply

Instead their steady moving footsteps fastened

Darkness spread all over with high pitched sounds

This time it was not men but women wailing

Crying for a bloody hand for help

And than death like silence spreads all over


That is when I understand 

Understand the cause of my nightmare

All roaming women were victimised

They were victims of rape, violence, trafficking 

Every devilish deed possible

Now I was horrified and try to wake up 

To end the worst nightmare 


I'm rescued than to come to my senses

I wake up and run to share it with someone in life

I smash the door open to see something

The nightmare again, same view of dream

I shout to my loudest but for nothing

To realize it was not a dream but reality





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