On August 11th, I overheard the news anchor talk,

Someone was gone, and the world was in shock.

From the genie in Aladdin,

To Mrs. Doubtfire,

He was the "friend in me",

And a really good liar.

Lost in this trip down memory lane,

Were laughs, tears, and life lessons to gain.


Now I miss him so,

And my eyes are full of tears,

No sorrow involved, I’m just rolling around here!

The sidekick to comedy, Robin was up to bat,

And like the will in his name, he was bound to crack,

And crack up we did, every Friday night,

No one could have guessed that the end was in sight.


But alas! You had to pull out that board game,

Jumanji they call it! You disappeared in four plays,

Lost in the jungle, somewhere you are.

You may be gone, but you're not really far.

So I’ll turn on the TV, but don’t be late!

Because you're just in the jungle, "til’ the dice reads five or eight."

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