~The Dead Lover~

You always had me captive
The light in your eyes
Never seems to fade away
And lately, these days
I've been missing you more than I've ever had

I still see your silhouette from my windows
I still hear you crying from my bedroom
I still feel your skin upon mine
I still taste you on my tongue
I still smell you from this dusty corner of this room

Do you remember that day
When we were in your mother's house
In the midst of passion
Your mother caught us
She threw me out of the house
Told me to never talk to you again
But you ran away from her tight leash
Came running into my arms
I held you tight
Promised to take care of you
The next day we got married

Oh those happy moments filled my soul with joy
Yeah, those joyous moments with you were the best
But now that you're gone
I'm broken

But it's okay
Just shut the door
I'll close my eyes
I can almost feel you
Yeah, I'll see you again
We'll be together once more

But you're gone
And I'm all alone
Struggling just to get by
Days turn into years
Years pass by
The memory is still clear

We were laughing
Bodies on top one another
Holding each other
I swore, I'd never let you go
But that day was our last

Death came to claim you
Your blood soaks my shirt
From the car accident
I tried saving you
But it was too late

Now these memories are here to haunt me
Your taste, still on my tongue
Your smile, fresh in my mind
Your soft giggles, make me smile
Your scent, drives me crazy
Your voice, like a song that I can't get out of my head

But it's okay
Just shut the door
I'll close my eyes
We'll be fine
I'll see you again
We'll be together once more

Yeah, I made a promise to you
I won't ever break it
As I struggle to get by each passing moment
With you in my mind

There was so much blood
I couldn't save you
I was too late
But you didn't blame me
Your last words were "I love you"
If only I said it back

But it's okay
I'll be alright
Just shut the door
While I close my eyes
The scent of blood fills my nostrils
Through these closed eyelids
I see you standing there, smiling at me

I'm almost there
Lock the door
Throw away the key
Cause this time I'm coming
I'm joining you
And we'll be together forever

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