Dead flowers (long version)

Thu, 07/23/2020 - 08:47 -- Arjit

Where are you Angela?
Oh dear! Now i've got amnesia,
Seems to me or do you think it too?
Angela where are you now,
I think you really have gone now.

You said we'll die together,
And now I'm watchin' this dyin' heather,
That you bought for our window sill,
Angela you broke our vow,
You cut my heart deep now.

I'm sorry my dear for inkin' such cynic,
I think my heart is painin' with,
Leaps and bounds for you,
But i'm still grateful to you,
If this pain is received from you.

You 'were' as beautiful as Aphrodite,
Your eyes and anatomy 'was' a distinct affair,
Your beauty is hydra to decipher in all aspects,
Would take me ages to blot your praise,
Wish God wouldn't have counted your days.

You were the shoulder i used to cry on,
You were my knight in shinin' armour,
You were my queen of hope in my darkest hours,
I want to be evanesced as you now,
Angela don't give me your disavow.

Alas! you've berefted me now,
I'm bereaved for you Angela,
My body is dessicated without you,
Lord gimme now some fresh roses,
To cover my Angela's grave in where she encloses,
Her body covered in black coffin,
The colour she choses.

My strength is all in vain without her,
So i want my life to turn black now,
As black as her coffin,
Make my life blue for evermore,
Make me enjoy this aftermath.

I never did no wrong no harm,
Still her love is sucked from my alarm,
The way i used to be woken by her,
Wonderin' if i could for once see the wraith of her,
O such a sinner i am for thinkin' this.

Turn my roses to gloom,
Turn my lavenders run out of aroma,
Turn my sunflowers away from sun,
Burn them Lord with rage of your gun,
Make every plant rot in blight.

Lord turn my life gray,
Beat me with the doses of your fray,
Dry my desires on a wringer,
Encapsulate me in the bag of sadness,
For i was unable to save her.

Let every wall from now of my life,
Be covered with the slime of treachery,
I think its already there in this world!
So then please paint my walls black,
And make every other person to me misanthropic.

Let the euphoria of sadness haunt me,
Take my life too if you want me,
Turn my body impotent and scrawny,
Make no more my muscles brawny,
Turn me a innuendo from a numero uno.

For i'm a floccinaucihilipilificated being,
Cover your eyes if you're seeing,
Let the cerulean sky above,
Turn a deeper black,
Blot the sun away from this sky.

Let my plaglossian feel turn pessimist,
Let my darkness cwtch me now,
For i deserve no impunity in this world,
Make my life exacerbated,
Make me crawl to my grave.


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