Dead beat

MINE! So territorial about MY bundle of joy that YOU gave ME on accident. YOU wasn't man enough to reap what we have pleasurably but mistakenly sewn. I had to work before I had MY son. I had to work swinging around a s.t.d infested, nasty mother encrusted, money rooted pole. YOU however was out sexing, smoking, you know chilling or as y'all would call it BILLIN. Get out of here. I had to teach MY son the tendencies and moralities of a true life MAN. How to look at a woman undress her mind and not ever to pull a one night stand. When YOU finally decided it was YOURS too. You asked me “say in between ME and YOU what's the definition of a dead beat. I simply say. A dead beat a dead beat is a man who claim he got bands but ain't tryna see HIS son eat. A dead beat is a dummy as i would call it because he’s falling into the files of minorities and the reports say that my son would only see his MOTHER when he comes home to eat. A dead beat man i'm so heated with this meaning because MY baby’s daddy didn't want to take care of his main priority and responsibility. A dead beat is a gentleman because when he see you crying about the two lines on the pregnancy stick he hugs you and says “ hey maybe i should leave” you sleaze. You was man enough to get in between talkin all that cash money but when it came to the real thing the sex wasn't even that sweet either. At the end HE looks at HIS no MY son and a single tear sheds down his eye you guilty man you should have know i wasn't gone let this ride MY son is a straight A student and excels in everything he does. MY son is the only true joy GOD sent ME from above. MY son looks just like YOU  at times. And when MY son doesn't get HIS way i see a familiar look of determination the same one i use see in your eyes. By this time you are probably wondering where MY son is he’s at the house in trouble because guess what since I'M the MOM and the DAD i discipline him on shit. To all my mothers you are the truth. Forget  these dead beats.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community



I enjoyed this piece may I make a few suggestions though if you will let me. I am not going to force my opinion on you but if you would like to hear what I have to say message me back. I really did enjoy it and it was wonderful and awe inspiring.


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