Fri, 04/19/2013 - 13:18 -- lexiejb


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Kinda funny how it all
seems to come down
to the same old things
and the same old stories
the same old torture
pain, tears, people
nothing ever changes
not for us, not when
the way you look is
offending to another
not when your life
is to be scrutinized
by people who have
absolutely no clue
who you really are
or what goes through
your head on a day
like this when everything
is going wrong and
everyone is crying and
how do i feel?
i feel like dying
and i think i just might
finally end it all
like i begged for
not so long ago
when you told me
to just give it up
and dying is easy
its the cowards way out
but then i am
a coward because
i can't stay here
in this hell-hole
not when the only one
who ever heard me
crying out for help
is now turned
against me and
you used me and
you killed something
inside me.

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