Days past and present

I once was an icon
A symbol of the past
But humans are fickle
They forget way to fast
I'd be in the forest
Hunting with my friends
I woke when the night began
I sleep when it ends
The Sun was my brothers
The moon was mine
Ancient twins where we
Our threads intertwined
I guarded virginity
I walked that line
With my bow and arrows
Ye women you are mine
And so you asked
Who was I
And so I told you
Artemis the huntress was I

Now I wander
Long school halls
Halls of knowledge and learning
The children wouldn't care
if they where burning
Now I am lost
My old friends have gone
But I am to ancient
to make new ones
My virtues I hold
Others no longer keep near
They've been cast asside
No longer a reason to fear
This world has changed
Will never be the same
I have held strong
I have not been tamed
I have pressed on
In this world of steel
And before me they will kneel
On I climb
I shall not rest
Rule business is my plan
On top as the best
Before you get trampled
Get out of my way
I will press forward
This is my day
And so you ask
Who am I?
And so I tell you
Artemis the CEO am I

This poem is about: 
Our world


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