On Days Like This....

On days like this when the feeling of giving up takes over, saying I love you hurts, and looking out the window trying to find what isn't lost makes no sense... That's when I realize how hard it is to smile when I'm crying inside.

On days like this... I just want to run away to a place far, far away. Here it hurts and I don't want to stay.

On days like this smiling is just fake, saying "I love you" is a mistake and forever has an end.

On days like this I wish I could stop time and that the past never happened so I can't think of the future.

On days like this I write thinking of what it was and what will never be.

On days like this I love you because you give me strength  to keep on going.

By:  B.A.R'S

Guide that inspired this poem: 



So many things in life that don't come out the way I want.
So many times that the person I liked didn't feel the same way.
So many people that walk in and out of my life, not knowing that it
So many times someone said they love me, but anyway they hurt me.
So many friends that didn't keep their promise of always and forever.
So many sunny days that seem to be dark and painful.
So many moments of giving up on what I want because I don't want to be
So many people loving who hurts them.
So many times pretending to be blind folded because admitting that I
know will portray me as weak.
So many years living in a dream because reality is too cruel.
So many times feeling like giving in but I've been too scare.
So many feelings that will never be shown.
So many lies just to make me feel better about myself.
So many times wanting to say I love you but I held back.
So many times wanting to express what I feel but the words won't come

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