Sitting here looking out the window wondering what life is going to offer me. I see the endless opportunities but they seem so far away. Staring into the sky wishing that my future can be shown to me so I wont have to worry if the path I am taking will lead to success or failure. Casting my wishes upon the night sky while wondering about the person I shall become and praying I wont bring shame upon my family. Fear in my eyes worry in my heart. Wondering what will become of thee, or of we, wait is there even a we. Why must I have thoughts of a mad man constantly agonizing over the smallest wind that blows threw the shadow of the trees within this forest of life that we are all a pawn of. Why must the wind blow us off course or sometimes I wonder if its the consequences of the actions of the choices that we make and those we are forced to make. Maybe this makes me sound unconfident or scared but hey this is what happens when you look out the window, daydreaming about life. 


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