I daydream often
about being loved and wanted.
About being discovered and cherished.
Instead I've been forgotten,
shoved in a corner by experience
A corner I've made my home
I hurt myself too often,
I cry everyday
I hate talking to people
I hate people in general
I'm the opposite of personable
The antithesis of charming
Everything I put on paper
is a transcription of confusion
choked back tears,
and nights spent searching
the ceiling for answers
I know what's wrong and I don't change.
I make the same mistakes every day.
I think I like the pain.
I've never chosen dare.
I only tell the truth when it doesn't hurt.
I'm yesterdays newspaper, worthless.
I'm whats left of a cigarette
crushed on the pavement.
I'm everywhere and nowhere
I'm everything and nothing
All at once.
I am the name you forget to remember.



You are amazing. You are worthy. You are here for a reason. 

This poem is so beautifully vulnerable and there is such a courageous redeeming beauty in vulnerability. The fact that 4 people have already viewed this and not one chose to comment  toward such an open, trembling, yet growing heart shocks me. I mean you took the pain in your life and put it into writing, that right there is a huge step in creating your life story and a huge step that shows there's a desire for change, restoartion, renewal, and something different than the path you're currently on. And there's so many different paths in this life. Your life is a map and its not so much about where you end up but how you get there becuase every destination requires true navigation. Now I know I don't even know you and have no idea what pain youre truly going through but I just want to encourage you and tell you reagrdless of your past, the pain, the emptiness, you desevre to be discovered, be chersihed, to be loved, and to be remembered. So... discover yourself, cherish yourself, love yourself, and remember who you are. 

"Life is but a seed who only grows from dirt,

Life is but a stem who must survive the earth

Life is just a highway whose petals drive their worth.
There's a foundation planted in you, a seed that has His plan.
There's a reason written inside you, a story to expand. 
There is, a heart beating within you. 
A love to lead life's band." 
^^^ Some lines from a poem of mine


thank you so much!!
your encouragement means more to me than you think.
you are lovely!



Hi my name is Imani and i just want you to know your not alone . I feel sometimes so useless that breathing  even had a problem with me . I understand how you get so used to the pain that sometimes you think its apart of you when it's not . I been though the scariest moments in my life and all I could do was cry my eyes out to afraid to show the brokenness inside of me so I smile a lot . This poem I can deeply relate to  how you feel and how you express yourself . You might not know me and i might not know your situation but I want you to know your important and if you feel empty inside no need to with your words just makes me  picture what I been though and if i could help someone else i will.  I know sometimes times you feel like nothing but your something ,maybe a waste of time but your not at all .your someone with lots of VALUE and importance . Someone who might be hurting i know you have that strength and confidence in yourself . I believe in you and i might not know you but your words express a lot and if i could impact someone life i will definitely do it . This poem took me somewhere deep inside my soul . These words are breathing taking . I just want you to look in the mirror and see beauty and ,power ,confidence ,a person who can do anything they put there mind to even when it feel impossible to do . I might come to you as a stranger but just know I'm here and also poetry is here . Stay strong i definitely will be  reading more of your poetry. Hopefully this makes a impact in your life because that poem shows how i been though the same thing . REMEMBER YOU ARE WORTH IT ,YOU ARE IMPORTANT AND WHEN IT FEEL LIKE YOU DOWN look in the mirror and you will see why your here because you have a purpose . GOD BLESS 

check out my poetry when you have a chance ..STAY STRONG BECAUSE IF I CAN GET THOUGH I KNOW YOU CAN TO !


thank you so much Imani!!
i appreciate your kindness,
it means so much to me that my words have affected someone so deeply.
so much love and  from a complete stranger at that, means the world, when everything else seems to be backwards. 



I know the feeling but if i can make someone life a little easier by the stuff i say i will do it . Your are so welcome 

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