The day you finally realize you love me it will be too late

I hope one day you wake up and accidentally make her coffee the way I use to like it without thinking 
I hope one day you try to tell her my favorite joke but she doesn't find it funny 
I hope one day she puts on that red dress and you wonder what it would look like on me 
I hope one day you find your self accidentally calling her by my name 
I hope one day our favorite movie is on tv and you ask her if she wants to watch it with you, but she's says no because she doesn't like those kinds of movies
I hope one day she comes home with a new perfume and you realize it was the same one I use to always wear around you 
I hope one day after being with her for so long you realize that you've felt all these feelings before
I hope one day you realize you loved me first and not her



Love this

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