The Day Before Valentines

Cold wind breeze at night,
Laughing at the videos playing in my phone,
I feel great! pretty fine and alright,
A typical night since you're gone.

In the midst of this intense happiness,
Nervousness and confusion arises.
What's going on?
Is my question.
Every inch of optimism,
Was replaced by questions and confusion.

Why now?
Of all the times I wanted, Why now?
Of all the moments I waited, Why now?
Of all the scenarios I pictured out, Why now?
Can you tell me, Why?

He meddled in my silence,
The silence I created -
So damn hard tried to create it.
Knowing creating distance with you is difficult.

He talked like the first time we've met,
He talked like yesterday don't exist,
And all we've got is the other day and today.
He seems bubbly to me,
Like we're long lost friends,
Trying to cope up the things we missed.

Yes, I'm shocked and confused.
I don't know how to react and to approach.
I'm still puzzled.
But in the end I talked to you,
The way I do.

It's the next day!
The day that the people most awaited -
The Valentines' Day.
Where people are all thrilled.

I greeted you hoping it's still you,
The one I talked last night.
The one I care about.
But no response,
All I can embrace is coldness.
Seems like everything got evaporated,
And nothing remains,
On the day of Valentines.

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