The day my life reset.

I held the 
whole bottle
of little rose colored tablets.
I slowly turned on 
the cd
that my youth pastor
had given to me. 
Maybe if I listen
to this music about God,
when this moment is over
I'll go to heaven.
I tip back my hand
and then my head.
I'm so scared,
even though I have 
thought it through
so many other times.
I grasp at the air 
all around me,
so that I can have 
the courage to finish this
mess I call a life.

Instead I hear a soft melody
telling me that
I am worth it.
I am worth much more
than anything I have done.
I spit out every single
last rose colored tablet.
I feel the tears
flow out of my mind,
and I am so relieved. 
Somebody reached out,
somebody helped me,
somebody saw my brokenness.
It was God,
and though I didn't know him
he saved me anyways. 
His put his hand
on my back,
and eased me out of
all of my pain. 
His unending love,
the love without conditions,
saved my life.
It brought me back to life,
and pulled me 
from the edge
into His arms.
He saw my glitches 
and fixed them all,
he reset my life.

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