A day at mall

Sun, 08/05/2018 - 21:17 -- ngopes

She wore a low neckline, 

Black Short jersey with,

 short sleeves circle skirt,

just above her knees.

Her right hand fidgeted with her necklace.

Her neatly combed long-hair,

Went down past her waist.

She leaned against the white wall,

holding cotton Candie between

in her left armpit, and sharing, possibly,

with her best friend,

inside the shopping mall.

Her poor left arm,

hung down limply,

 just past her,

left short sleeve.

Maybe, surgeons,

had to amputate it.

or could be,

she was unfortunate by birth.

She stood on the walkway,

Near the kiosks,

As if nothing had happened.

I looked back over my shoulder, 

as I walked past her,

I was suddenly struck by,

the thought that I have it easy,

So,  I keep my complains to a minimum,

(I would otherwise be)

And start appreciating what I have,

in this life,

that others probably don't.




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