A Day In The Life Of a College Student


United States
39° 11' 59.2944" N, 96° 34' 51.6288" W

College is the the passage to one's future, the path to adulthood, and the most expensive, beneficial item,
Books, school supplies, clothing and more, i do not know what i am waiting for,
Upon graduation of high school, there was no lack of intimidation,
I was afraid of the course load, the abundance of studying, and pressure of getting impressive scores,
Countless hours of studying and an abundance of ramen noodles,
I knew that there would be light at the end of the tunnel.

Graduation is coming near,
Will there be anything to fear?
Student loans creeping up behind me,
There has got to be some kind of relief.
With the vision of getting a good job and being successful,
there is only one thing in mind that would help me feel more at ease- financial stability.
Stress, a tight budget, and debt would be no more if i had help in store.

Please consider me for this scholarship for each dollar will help be become more equipped,
There will be no more astonishing looks after looking at tuition bills,
and there will be no more fear as to how much money i will owe for school.
I am on the path of success,
and this scholarship will truly keep me from being in distress.


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