The day I spoke up

There was no light that day.

The sun hid behind the dull



Like a child hiding

behind their mother.

Even inside the lights were dull.


In a room not too small

but not too big.

With grey walls tinted with black dots closing me in.

A table in the room big enough for

four or more.


Voices shooting out at once.

Like fireworks on a summer night.

Hard to understand what they wanted.

My body is the room but I feel

as if I’m somewhere else.

All I know is there a mixture of anger and sadness in the air.


Voices, voices


With feelings scattered in the air.

Pinning me down in the chair.

I wanna get up and leave.

But I’m strapped down by fear.


I sit and stare.

I don’t know what to do

nor what to say.


Speak up or get up! I yelled inside.

But as I said before

I’m strapped down by fear.


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