The Day I Said 'I Love You'

 Before you

I never truly believed in soulmates,

Before you

I thought that maybe you just learned to live with the things you didn’t like about the person you love,

Before you

I was prepared to settle,

Before you

I said I’d wait till college to date,

And then one morning you walked in and turned me back into the starry eyed daydreamer I used to be,

You walked in and with you brought the bright, vibrant colors that I had been missing for years,

You walked past every wall I ever built to protect myself like they never existed in the first place,

And I let you.

Now I believe in soulmates,

Now every time I learn something new about you it becomes just another piece of the puzzle that I get to put together,

Now I will never have to settle,

Now I can’t imagine not being with you,

Now my life doesn't simply consist of a few happy moments,

I just have a happy life,

But the best parts will always be the hours I spend with you.

I wish those hours would never end,

I cherish every one,

Because when we are together

It never fails to astonish me the way your eyes banish my demons from my mind,

And the way your kiss drowns out fear from every corner on my being,

And the way your arms around me make me feel so safe.

Now I believe in soulmates.

And I’m sure that whatever souls are made of

Yours and mine are the same.


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I give you a round of applause. Good job with this poem!

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