The Day I Fell in Love With Ann Arbor


On a crazy situation of chance

I heard about this city

In a state really far away

And then I took a plane

And stepped into this place

And my world was turned upside down

Because now I had to live here

The first time I walked down State Street

And saw Michigan Theater

I knew this was where I needed to be

I knew this is what I would call home.


Now I am moving across the country

To finally go home

Leaving home to go home?

It sounds crazy and maybe it is,

But nothing can stand in my way.

These are my dreams

And my hard work is paying off.

I only have to take one more plane ride.

A short plane ride to Detroit

And then I’ll be home.

Ann Arbor is going to be my home.

Ann Arbor will always be my home.


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