On This Day I Became A Man

Sat, 02/28/2015 - 18:19 -- lopezc1
In the Spartan room, a Bible lies on the stable floor
“Kneel Down!” He says, “Kneel Down, and Pray!”
Like a monk in a picture my garments tore
As the ruthless rage of McEachern lashed away
And my fate was doomed forever to be a victim of her soft kindness
On this day I became a man
From afar I gazed into her button eyes
A formless magic of young desire trickled in me
They said her name was Bobbie; a man’s name to my surprise
It started with a wasted dime and a cup of coffee
And my name was Romeo with the dark smoke
On this day I became a man
Secrets spilled, splotches of savage burst
“Away Jezebel!” He thundered, “Away Harlot!”
Crowned with a chair was his curse
In this stamping place of beasts, my blood was not scarlet
And my blood is black, and my eyes are reflections of dead stars
On this day I became a man
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Our world
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