Day Dreams


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United States
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A passing glance in the hallway, an innocent smile,

Who's to say there's nothing there,

We hang out, we talk for awhile,

There's no telling what we're thinking when we stare,

In class derivatives are neglected, My thoughts of you warrant more effort,

I ask if I can come in even though no one is there

With you, I reveal my feelings, with hopes of feeling your sheets texture,

But wait we're only children, with aspirations of playing grown up games, 

Passing notes in chem class, I can't remember what I said last,

All for a moment in passion, when it's over my prescence as fleeting as your kiss goodbye,

Weeks pass and second block isn't the only thing you're late for anymore,

We wonder if that moment in passion was really worth it, that night I told you I loved you at ur front door,

All hopes our hopes of rewarding careers, college degrees, dashed to extent,

We're kids with a kid, two pods with a pee, an oxymoron to an extent,

All for a chance to be close, delving in what we weren't ready for,

No my thoughts are consumed, by fear I presume, on how I'll support the girl I no longer adore.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

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