A Day at Dachau

It all started in 1933, Malnutrition, execution, and disease, It seemed all the same to me, but please don't be so full of greed that you can't see what this story really means to me. We slept on sticks called beds and woke with water on our heads, When you did you were grateful and thought at least I'm not dead, I may be living this tragedy but I'm fighting gravity under my soles. God help me, please send a miracle!   We were used in brutal experiments like some types of animals, And shot to death by hitlers men as if we were cannibals. One day 7000 prisoners traveled on a 6 day march, And those who couldn't keep up were shot in their heart. Not just their physical ones but their mental ones as well, It's as though they knew their loved ones at home could tell. All the crying and sobbing that came from that place, you would never know unless you lived there..day..by..day.  Years later in 1942 they made ovens that burned bodies, incinerated them to ashes and never to be thought of. That's how they got rid of us when we perished on a mountain or a hill. They could care less what happened as long as it was a thrill. A thrill to them supposedly who thought of our lives as lowly.  But soon enough 1945 came around, and before you knew it we were out. It had been such a distance between happiness and our lives, and when we saw our people we looked to the heavens and cried! Thank you God! Thank you for saving us!

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