A Day at the Beach

Mon, 05/28/2018 - 12:38 -- ngopes

The blue beach umbrella hung from my right shoulder,
the beach chair on my back, 
and the woven straw hat over my head,
as I walked along a narrow wooden trail,

through warm sand dunes,

tall slender grasses on both sides,

down to the ivory beach.


Near the shoreline, 

on the slightly raised surface,
I flapped open my umbrella and stab it into the ground,
rocked back and forth to drop further into the sand.
I placed the long beach chair underneath, with orange pockets on the sides,

facing the Ocean.

I lay listening to the sound of the waves,

breaking on the shore while smelling of the fresh Ocean air.


The Ocean lapped at my toes as
I walked over to long sandy shoreline.
The ghost crabs danced, 
among the trove of shells left by the ebbing tide.

A blast of fine spray hit me from the Ocean, and my sunglasses mist over instantly.

The waves crashed in over my feet, 

and washed out the footprints in the sand behind me.

As calming thoughts and feelings of joy shifted within me, 
I stayed until the dull grey clouds rolled in, 
And the setting sun went down over the Ocean.


The long sandy beaches lashed by Atlantic surf,
hemmed by wonderful view of coastline kiosks,
and embraced by fresh, salty smell of the Ocean,
everything reminds me of the beach



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