Day and Night

Little boy was going to grow up to be a man

Many problems he did not understand

Open minded and afraid

Wished all bad things would go away

Day and night wondered about his life

Would he ever have a wife?

Day and night tried to help

But also had problems himself

Day and night wanted to fight back

Wanted a good GPA but was not on track

Day and night watched his mother cry

Always asked himself the same question, Why?

Wanted all the pain to end

But he couldn’t find anyone to blame.

Day and night worked hard for his school

People saw him as a fool

Day and night wanted to have money to give back to his mom

Because she was tired and needed some love

Learned at a young age how cruel people are

Knew his mom deserved her own star.

Day and night day dreamed of a perfect world

Without sickness or suffering

Day and night studied and studied

Morals taught by his mother, he embodied

Day and night wonder about his future

Seemed like he had a good sense of humor

Protected his family with all his might

Telling them everything was going to alright

Day and night spent hours at school and for homework

In order for his mother to take a rest and watch him move forward.

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