The Dauntless Warrior's Struggle

In some situations
You just feel utterly helpless
And feel like suppressing your emotions,
Making them disintegrate,
Killing your emotions,
And you are left with only...
An empty shell.
Flat eyes that have no depth
And are no longer multidimensional
Look upon the world surrounding them
With a blank stare,
Revealing nothing
Of what is pent up inside.
You return to the most fundamental question:
What is the meaning of life?
Though it takes time,
Digging deep within yourself,
You finally come upon a long-lost voice--
Your inner conscience reminds you
Of the answer you had reached
Long ago,
And at the very moment you remember,
All the life returns to you,
And your eyes light back up
With a renewed sense of determination
And strength.
Once again,
You stand up
Ready to face whatever hardship is thrown your way,
Fighting for the purpose you believe
Until the very end.


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