A Daughter's Words of Encouragement

Thu, 06/20/2013 - 16:38 -- kwalton


So many battles had came and past,
Your step was always unfaltering and strong.
Every problem would dissolve considerably fast,
Even when your chosen solutions were wrong.

You played best with the hand you were dealt.
I admired the confidence you put in every move.
At times I was afraid of showing you how I felt.
For you had shown to me that you have nothing to prove.

You had my complete faith before I could talk,
You're the soldier I always longed to be.
I bet you marched instep before you could walk.
I've always loved you deeply regardless of what you thought of me.

And now you lay in front of me, the weakest I have ever seen.
Almost all that hair has gone from your head,
But triumph for you is a built-in gene.
Even now I feel like you're far from dead.

I know deep down you think this is something you can not beat,
But deeper down I know your feeling is false.
There is not a force that you can not meet.
I refuse to believe that anything can weaken your pulse.

So look into my eyes and tell me this is something you can not do,
And I will answer you with an appropriate grin.
It is time for me to tell you something I always knew.
Mother, there is not a war that you can not win.



This poem was written by me during my senior year of High School after my mother had discussed with me her feelings of defeat with her battle of cancer. My mother and I had never had the most postive of relationships but it was during this time where i put everything i had into taking the best possible care of her mentally and emotionally along with everything else. She passed 3 months ago . During one of our last disgussions she asked that i keep up with my writing because i had so much potential to build. Although my inspiration has been for awhile hard to grasp i feel as submitting this for scholarship would make her happy.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is your chance to show what you got

this is an amazing poem

this displays steps in being a premiere writer

keep building your ideas and write

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