Daughter of the One True King

In the beginning

A princess was born

To an almighty King

By his kingdom adorn


The kingdom lived harmoniously

Until the day of the fall

The people revolted

Denying the King’s call


His daughter, He lost

To the persuasion of evil

Selfishness of the people

Lead to treasonous upheaval


Those who once lived

Under the peace of their King

Now fought for their lives

Unlike the princess had seen


Amidst the war of the world

His princess would remember

The pureness of His heart

Like snow in December


She grew part of the world

As any child could

But searched for her Father

Though no one else would


The King was forgotten

Rumored to be dead

But His daughter carried on His beauty

Skin pale white, lips blood red


Her beauty brought her danger

Men sought after her

And women were jealous

But inside her beauty was far greater


When the world raged evil

And her heart was tricked by men

The princess cried out for her Father

In the dark, time and again


In a dream, He appeared

Bringing her great news

That He was alive and loved her

And it was her He would choose


The righteous King would fight

Though their treason left them deserving of death

To gain back His people

By taking His last breath


When the princess awoke

She remembered His word

And set out to tell the people

Until everyone had heard


Some people grew angry

At the mention of her message

They mocked her and laughed

Even some became aggressive


The message the princess brought

Reached the ears of an evil, false queen

Who sentenced her to death

If she was ever to be seen


A plentiful reward

Was placed on her life

So, men sought out

To retrieve her heart with a knife


Although she traveled alone

She knew her Father was with her

Telling people to follow Him

Inviting them just as they were


Across the world people began to follow

They believed when they heard

That their King did still live

And their pain and suffering could all be cured


Finding the King’s daughter and His believers

The evil queen herself sought out for blood

She reminded them of their treason

That they were all guilty of


And just as the evil queen was about

To claim all their lives for herself

Their almighty King appeared

Offering His own life, Himself


Thrilled, the evil queen killed Him

And the sacrifice of the One True King

Saved all of His people

That there would be no more pain or suffering


The princess, she wept

Though she knew in her heart

That her and her Father

Were not far apart


Now, the evil queen could not kill

Anyone else from that day

Because all their debt

Their King did undeservingly pay


So instead she tricked

The princess to eat

An apple of poison

That would put her to sleep


The evil queen’s intention

Of silencing the princess was to stop

People from sharing their King they witnessed

So that all hope they would surely have to drop


At the death of their King

And news of the sleeping princess

The people lost hope

And defeat spread like sickness


Although few were left

Who believed in their King

They remembered His word

Which promised no more suffering


As they continued to follow and believe

Their King rose and death was defeated

The people rejoiced and worshiped

And on the highest thrown He was seated


The King’s love for His people

Had saved them all

So, with love He would save

His daughter from the fall


The King called a man

Who had loved and followed Him through the dark

To now love His daughter

And awaken her with a spark


The man was loyal

And had much love for his King

He found and kissed the princess

And presented her with a ring


The princess awoke

And walked without fear

With the man who would lead her

To keep her Father near


While the King did not stay

He promised to return

To carry home His people

For to be with Him, they would yearn


The princess and her husband

Lived happily ever after

To glorify her Father

Who saved them from disaster


Now those who believe

And accept the One True King

Will receive His grace and peace

And one day will be free from suffering


This fairytale I tell you

Surely is true

And the Daughter of the One True King

My darling, is you

This poem is about: 
Our world



Beautiful. Inspiring that you use fairy tales for a message full of such hope. Keep writing!

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