Daughter of a Father


When I was born , I could have sworn, I saw a mother and father. But when I grew, I just knew, I was a fatherless daughter. Just knowing you’re alive, but you’re no where in my life is what, really, bothers me. I  mean damn, understand, it takes take’s two, to raise a child. Who knew goodbye ment you'd be gone for a while. And by a while, I mean years. Years without you to interfere, and when I think about it, I'm ashamed to shed a tear.

I feel like, people would say. You shouldn’t be sad. Along with the million other kids, that don’t have dads. Realizing I had a full house, to now, just my mother and me. You used run the house, now you’re on the streets. Homeless. I express much distress. How do I feel?  You broke our bond, and made homies with the drug deals.

Paraniod, cant keep your head on the pillow. Feeling watched, so you look out the window. Can’t sleep, can’t eat. Relapse, a disease,a habit. You couldn’t defeat, A drug feens mindset, i’ve had it. My dad who once had my trust, took hold of it, and smashed it. While grabbing my values, ponding it, then ran for it.

Now that i see a door to success. I walk in and close it. You knock, I don’t open. Lock doors keeps out dangers, so when you knock I was taught not to open to strangers.


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