Daughter to Father

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Daughter to Father

People say heaven is great,

Some say they can't wait to get there.

But is it great?

Is it Daddy?


I'm scared to go there,

I don't wan to go there.

But I'm anxious to see you.


I am anxious to meet you!


When can I see you?


A week?

30, 60 years?

One day,

One day I'll get to know you.


Life down here without you isn't fun.

Everyday is a struggle,

There's an “I'm okay” day by day.


There's tears holding,

A fake smile,

And a heart hurting.


There is happiness here too

Not all is dark and gray.


There is,

A great mother who holds me,

A woman who inspires me.

Inspires me to keep climbing on and on.


I won't give up on life,

I won't break down.

I will keep my dreams alive,

And move on,


I know that one day, one day!

I'll get to know you.

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