If I ever have a daughter.

I would tell her that she will be okay even if

It seems that the world is ending.

I would tell her not to try and carry it on her shoulders

Or to give someone else a turn.

I would tell her to stay away from smoke

but know that she wont

and that she will get burned.


That’s how life is, I think

Or maybe that’s how we are.



Watching from afar but yet

All too involved.

Over invested.

She will, maybe, at times be somewhat infested

With dreams, hopes, ideas unfamiliar.

To me.

For me.

Past my time.


But I’ll sit and smile, smile and agree

If that’s what she needs

What she needs me to be.

We can do this. Together. I love her already.

Think of all of the things she could be!

Smart, funny, caring, care-free.

Lazy. Difficult. Stubborn.

Like me.


But it doesn’t matter yet. I love her no matter what.

I’ll point her to the stars, the heavens, the artists, the scientists.

I’ll say “this is what you can be, if only you try at it”.


I’ll teach her what I can, but she’ll know more than me.

Quickly. Undoubtedly. I want her to be

Wise, intelligent, to know more than me.


But most of all she will know

That I am her point B.

Wherever she, whatever she is doing

if she needs

if she needs me

I'll be there.


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