A Daughter’s Pain


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As I sit on my bed bored while thinking and wondering
why my father has deserted and alienated me.
The one that’s supposed to be his little girl,
and he doesn’t even try to have me in his world.
I used to believe him when he would say “I’m gonna come visit you one day”
and then one day I realized that that day would never come.
My mom said I would cry for hours, but now I use that “pain” for inspiration.
Inspiration to continue to be me
but still I wonder how it would feel to have my fathers loves.
He used to tell me that he loved me and that he would never leave me.
Now that I’m older and smarter,
I’ve learned not to depend on a man to make me happy.
All I need is the love of my family and friends
and the love and respect that I have for myself.
Now the love that I had for him will go to the man that’s right for me.

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A Public Service Announcement from every girl out there that had to grow up without someone to look up to and call Daddy.


Im glad that you came to the realization that you can live without. Just always remember that all those years he wasnt there , you still lived life. You got to where you are without him.

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