Date a Girl Who Daydreams

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A poem borrowing the theme of Date a Girl Who Reads by Rosemarie Urquico

You should date a girl who daydreams.

Date a girl who daydreams. Date a girl who spends her time watching the clouds, who counts the stars and makes up her own constellations. Date a girl who has a scar from trying to fly, who still believes some day she will.

Find a girl who daydreams. Or let her find you. Let her bump into you on the street because she was undoubtably distracted by her own fantasies. You see that girl who set her book down to look outside? That’s the dreamer. She is putting herself in the story, becoming the characters, living their lives. She will always do that.

See the girl smirking to herself on the park bench? If you glance at her phone you’ll see it’s still on the lock screen. Already disinterested in reality. Sit down. She won’t notice you, as most girls who daydream are engrossed in their own phantasms before you even walk towards them. Sit anyway. Enter her world.

Tell her about how you still believe in superheroes. Ask her if she believes aliens are real. She does. Recognize that if she asks you to repeat yourself she wasn’t ignoring you; she was building castles in the air from the words you were saying.

It’s not easy to date a girl who daydreams. She doesn’t want anything for her birthday. Take her on adventures and be spontaneous. Climb a mountain. Attend a street fair. Scuba dive. Dance at midnight on an empty road. Understand that she knows the difference between dreams and reality but by God, she’s going to live her life to the fullest daydream she possibly can. When she falls it is not your fault.

She has to jump to fly.

Lie to her. She lives everyday in a tale of her own, yours will not faze her. She will understand your need to lie. Your words are fiction, fantasy, novel. She will appreciate your willingness to open your mind and create a believable fib.

Do not fail her. She believes in superheroes and aliens. She believes in vampires and fairies. She once believed in the tooth fairy and the easter bunny. They failed her. She hasn’t attended an egg hunt since she was six.

If you find a girl who daydreams, keep her close. When you find her in the front yard turning the clouds into shapes, grab a pillow.

She may ramble sometimes, about all of her dreams, ambitions, desires, aspirations and journeys she want’s to take. Write them down. Make the reasonable things happen. Walking on the moon is reasonable.

You will hear about her future wedding. The one she’s been dreaming of since she was twelve. One day she will talk about your future wedding. That is when you propose. Daydreamers don’t need extravagance. Daydreamers are, however, addicted to romance.

You will laugh so hard your stomach will hurt and your jaw will ache from smiling so much and your voice will go hoarse from the adrenaline filled howls of excitement. You will climb Everest and learn to surf. You will get married and ride off into a sunset. Your children will be comparable to Walter Mitty. They may even believe they are Walter Mitty. When you grow old you will still talk about what you both want to be when you grow up. She will be a movie star and you will be an astronaut. She will ask if you’ve ever been to Mars. You will say yes.

Date a girl who dreams because you deserve it. You deserve a girl who can give you the most colorful life imaginable. If you can only give her monotony, and stale hours and half-baked proposals, then you’re better off alone. If you want the world and the worlds beyond it, date a girl who daydreams.

Or better yet, date the girl in your daydreams.


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