A Date in the Apocalypse

There is dirt underneath my fingernails.

Two years ago that would have made me cry.

Now I’m just thankful I have a boyfriend.

I still pick at them though, but he doesn’t ask why.


My hair is no longer dyed black.

And my fingernails are no longer red.

He says this world made me beautiful.

In this world if you’re pretty, you’re dead.


We are both happy to be here.

But our eyes and ears stay open.

We haven’t kissed in a lifetime.

But tonight is the night that I’m hopin’.


He leans in and I’m so scared.

Which is irrational to say the least,

Because there is nothing innocent about me.

I’ve killed too many of these beasts.


His lips are almost here.

I think I want to take it slow.

His eyes go wide with fear.

And I don’t ask, I already know.


I’m sure now our date has been ruined.

I’m bloody and covered in mud.

A smile cracks his face and he laughs.

He says I really know how to have fun.


We walk back to town together.

Our haves never meet, they just brush.

I know it’s the zombie apocalypse.

But with this boy, there is no rush.



this poem is brave, dear poet.

you are definately getting the best out of poetry-insight.

what you share is strong and beautiful. you have courage, and your

words speak for themselves.


this poem is a stoory just beginning and when you continue this story, the wisdom will just

get better. the line breaks helps the reader stay on the main message.

try other kinds of elements. maybe some more images-metaphors, similes, etc.


keep posting.



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