Darling It'll Be Okay

And one day I hope you get to smile like you want to without getting knocked down.

Don’t try to hide the scars, I’ve seen them all before and I strive to one day stop that bleeding pain.

And I know those words wrap so tightly around your neck, suffocating you in the dark. 

You may smile- but remember I see through the sheer curtain you wrap yourself in and I’ll fight for your right to live- to smile like you want to. 

And one day I hope you can walk that hallway without fearing your own existence- just remember ‘Darling It’ll Be Okay’ because I’ll hold on to you so tight if I have to. 

Because you are the quiet soul I fight for, the soul that only needs someone to say SOMETHING.

Just hold on tight, you’re not in this alone.

So believe me dear when I say you have a lungs to breathe, the voice to speak up, just put those chords to the test.

Don’t ever deny your BEAUTIFUL because your just a searching soul in this twisted society.

So someday I pray that this pain will be no more- because it’s been overcame.

But until that day I’ll fight for you,

Believe me Darling It'll Be Okay.




Bully Awareness Poem inspired by a Pierce The Veil song.

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