Darling, I Still Remember You

For Stacy-Ann

Darling, I still remember you.
I have a timeless obsession for your love.
You bound my heart with the spell of passion.
One day you threw your arms around me.
And an unbelievable love started to grow.
It was a love that brought us satisfaction,
But I suppose it wasn’t preordained to last long.

Darling, I still remember the passion.
We formerly had the same ardour for each other,
But now only I still have the glow of love.
Your love for me cooled off considerably,
But my heart is still burning with love for you.
You never knew the depth of my love,
And your love couldn’t endure for a long time.

Darling, I still remember our liaison.
I still see you in the pages of the book of the past.
The love that remains with me just can’t die.
After all this time without you, I love you more.
Your unique love still obsesses me.
I can’t erase the memory of the woman I love.
My heart delights only in your touch.

Darling, I still remember you.
What else can I do but think about you?
I’ve carried the memories of you for many years.
I still recall the sweetness of your kisses.
Although I lost your love, I can’t forget you.
You decided to stay out of my sight,
But you’ll always be in my thoughts.
And my heart will never cease loving you.


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