Britt Haefeli


Darlin’ take a deep breath and think

The cold sharp steel you hold

Won’t fight the cold and life won't be better

Not when you cut your skin like animal leather.


The scars burn, and will forever stay

But my love for you will never fade away

Grab a cup of tea and sit with me

On our ocean sand covered towels

Here, we will talk for hours.


Darlin’ don’t you see, the beauty you hold

People talk of beauty that you have not been told

Life will take its turns but here I will stay

To tell you of the small things that make a brighter day.


A golden flower dancing in the wind

A good book that gives you a cheshire grin

A deep orange in the fall colored leaves

A kiss from your loved one only you receive

A bad day that you can change with these little things.


A bowl of your favorite food

A day on the beach with sun kissed skin

A lovely time with your sister and kin

A smiling dog who loves you like no other

A hug and kiss from your father or mother.


Your day might look grim

But I know I can make you grin

With these small treasures

That will forever be pleasures.


Darlin’ take a deep breath

And put down that knife you might later regret

For I love you and will hold you

And remind you of what will help you grow and smile

I will be sure to stay a while

I promise these things will make you smile.


You might not believe me for we share the same body

But this is why I know you so fondly

Take a deep breath and love yourself

And remember the things that make you smile

Darlin’ don’t forget I will stay awhile.




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